Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP)

If you’ve always wanted to study for a degree but haven’t found a way to get the qualifications you need, we can help you move forward.

We offer a range of full-time Access to Higher Education courses covering different subjects, vocations and career pathways that are designed to support your progression to higher-level study with us or at university.

Many of these courses incorporate SWAP. The Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) is a partnership between colleges and universities to support access to higher education for adults.

SWAP courses are specifically designed for adults who are returning to education after a gap, and who have the motivation and ability to go on to study at a higher-level. Over 35,000 students have taken part since it began in 1988.

Our Access to Higher Education courses:

  • Access to Higher Education – OU Choices
  • Access to Social Sciences (SWAP)
  • Access to Life Sciences (SWAP)
  • Access to Physical Sciences (SWAP)
  • Access to Nursing (encompassing SWAP)
  • Access to Nursing and Social Services (encompassing SWAP)